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Capitol Area Reentry Program Inc.
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"Be Safe" is a Harm Reduction initiative which takes a holistic approach inclusive of Clean Syringe Access and Sharps Disposal, education and linkage to rehabilitative and supportive services. Clean injection equipment is used as an outreach tool to encourage PWID to be screened for HIV, HCV and STIs. 
Linkage/ Retention in Care
Second Chance
Capitol Area Reentry Program Inc. Services

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Individuals identified with HIV and HCV are linked to care and are mentored through the process to ensure retention in care.
This Initiative focuses on incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals at high risk for recidivisim, homelessness and those situations that would put them at risk of becoming repeat offenders by providing them the tools that will increase their chances of success.
HIV Prevention-Recruitment, Referral and Linkage
This service allow staff to canvass high HIV priority communities in and around Baton Rouge to recruit community members that may been in need of services and resources that are not readily known to them. Staff will recruit these individuals and make referrals and linkage to those supportive services. Staff also provide prevention educational materials as an integrate part of our prevention efforts.
HIV, HCV and Syphilis counseling and testing
CARP offers HIV, HCV and Syphilis testing. Individuals testing positive are referred to primary health care providers. The Health Navigator will help clients identify and address those barriers that may prevent them from remaining in care. 
In October 2013, C.A.R.P., Inc. was designated a Certified Application Counseling Organization by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid to assist the community in navigating the Healthcare Marketplace to find affordable healthcare insurance.
Capitol Area Reentry Program Inc. provides our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, culturally sensitive and dedicated to the community.
Be Safe Harm Reduction Program